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Become a Boards advisor

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as a Boards Expert

Get recognized for your expertise on Boards by getting a Verified Badge

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Your Network

Expand your business network globally with the Boards community

Business Owners

Help small business owners achieve their goals while you reach new business opportunities 

Who Are Boards Advisors?

They are leaders, content creators, and Boards enthusiasts, who share their knowledge with other business owners to empower them to achieve their goals. 

Tiffany Mirabile Foreman Boards Advisor

Tiffany Mirabile Foreman

Consultant at Foreman's Foodies,
Boards PC Community admin

Boards had increased efficiencies in both host coaching for parties and onboarding new consultants in the last 2 years for us!

Molly Geil Boards Advisor

Molly Geil, PhD

Health and Beauty Consultant

I use and teach Boards with teams and clients. Boards is a great way way to organize, co-create, collaborate and share information.

Mia Copeland Boards Advisor

Mia Copeland

Licensed Realtor,
Independent Designer

I have taught boards online through social media posts, team coaching groups and in-person seminars

What does an Advisor do?

Advisors create content about Boards, create Boards with engaging business content, share knowledge with their communities, and help business owners maximize their business opportunities.

Advisors Benefits 

Influence the future of the product by having direct contact with the Boards team.

Stay ahead of the game by being the first to know about new features and learning the best practices for using Boards.

Connect with a global network of Boards Advisors and access the private Advisors community.

Enjoy recognition within both the Community and the Advisors directory when you become a verified Boards Advisor.

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