Build a fierce sales team with Boards 🔥 

Create and share playbooks, keep your team aligned, and scale with confidence.

Works with all apps

Tap to access all your business content

Don't get lost in the chaos

Duplicate yourself and your content, so you stay organized and in control—no matter how big your team grows.

Scale your team with confidence

🎨 Create custom playbooks

Create and organize unlimited boards for training, content sharing, social media, and more. You'll be able to add scripts, products, videos and links - all in one place.

Share your playbooks with your team. They'll access your content right from the Boards app and keyboard, so they can start selling from day one.

✊🏼 Empower your team

Assign custom permissions, so the right people have access. As your content evolves, you'll be able to update everyone's boards instantly.

👁 Stay aligned and in control


Trusted by leaders & influencers worldwide

The world's leading entrepreneurs are using Boards to share content, train their teams, and scale their business.

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Scale your team and build a generation of entrepreneurs living their best life. Get started with Boards for free.


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