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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to “allow full access” in settings?


“Full Access” will enable Bliss to: send photos from your Bliss keyboard and load content from your group leader.


Do you have access to any personal data which is stored on my device?


No. And we also don’t have access to what you type with your native keyboard.



On which messaging apps does Bliss work?


Bliss Keyboard works with WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, SMS and any other messaging application.



Can I edit Shared Folder's content?


No. Shared Folder's content can be edited by the content owner only.



Can I add more content to my pre-loaded keyboard?


Sure. Open the editor and add more content, including text messages, photos, video links and folders.


To learn more visit our online guide: https://www.heybliss.co/learn-iphone-editor



Will other users get access to the content that I added to my Bliss keyboard?


No. The content that you’ve added is yours and is not accessible to anyone else besides you.



I need support. How can I contact you?


You can send us a message in this link: https://www.heybliss.co/contact