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Beginner's Guide

Updated: May 2, 2022

Welcome on Board(s) 😉

Boards is a pioneering sales operating system that empowers organizations to boost sales across their teams, through centralizing sales and marketing content that can be sent to customers in a click. Content performance can then be analyzed to provide valuable insights into best practices and how to increase sales.

Teams can also share boards with one another to make sure everyone has the best content to send to customers, at their fingertips.

Shared Boards can be continuously updated, with every change being immediately reflected, making sure everyone is aligned - no matter where they are.

We want to help new users have a smooth experience so consider this a quick guide to getting started on Boards

1. Create an account (It's Free 🤭)

Click here to set up your account from your desktop. Or download the Boards app if you’re reading this on mobile.

2. Create a board

By creating a board, you’ll be able to centralize all the sales and marketing content your team needs in one place. They’ll have all their sales scripts, images, videos, PDF’s and everything else right at their fingertips, ready to send to customers in a click.

3. Bring your team on board

Once you’ve created a board and added the content you need, you can invite your team to join your board and start using the content in it right away.

Boards syncs across all devices, so whether you work in a team of 5, 10, or 10,000 people - it doesn’t matter - any changes you make, or content that you add will apply to everyone’s devices in real time.

4. Send content to customers

Now that you’ve got a board with sales and marketing content loaded onto it, and shared it with your team - you and your colleagues can send content to customers in a click.

All you need to do is make sure everyone has the Boards keyboard installed on their mobile device. Boards works seamlessly with all popular messaging apps so you and your team can send content to customers on any app.

5. Align & motivate your team

With everyone now using one board, you can also make announcements, send motivating messages, and make sure everyone is aligned with product updates, sales and anything else you like through the Updates feature.

Notify everyone on your board in real time of any business news you wish to communicate. You’ll be able to keep everyone on track and create a more engaged, aligned and empowered team.

6. Analyze Performance

Boards also enables organizations and team leaders to monitor and improve content performance with analytics. You’ll be able to get insights about the content that is being shared the most, performing the best and how you can improve your content to boost sales.

So that’s all the basics covered. It’s great that you’ve decided to take this important step in simplifying your sales cycle. Create a board today and start building the strongest mobile sales team by centralizing content and aligning your team to maximize selling power.

If you need any more help, feel free to visit our help center to find out more.

We can’t wait to hear what you think about Boards.



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